The Point Digit

  • One handed positioning

  • 100 lb load rating

  • Low weight

  • Anatomical flexion and rotation around the patient's MCP joint


Mounting Kit

  • Accommodates 1-4 finger fittings

  • Pre-alignment between fingers

  • Breakaway design

  • Lamination spacers and hardware included


b finish 8.jpg

Point Designs strives to innovate in the field of upper limb prosthetics


We are a spin-off company from the Biomechatronics Development Lab at the University of Colorado led by Professor Richard Weir. Dr. Weir has been leading prosthetics research for over 30 years, and has long standing relationships with many prosthetists in the field. The idea for our flagship product, the Point Digit, came from repeated requests from industry clinicians for a durable ratcheting full finger prosthesis. After 2 years of development, many iterations, and feedback from prosthetists and end users, we launched the Point Digit in early 2017. We look forward to serving prosthetists and their patients in the years to come.