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Fingertip Pads
Touchscreen Compatible Fingertip Pads: rolled silicone; compliant, conductive surface
Heavy-Duty Fingertip Pads: molded urethane; rigid surface; improved wear, impact, tear, and puncture resistance 

All fingertip pads are field replaceable and compatible with all of our other prosthetic fingers.

Grip Bands

Point Designs strives to design products that are as functional as possible, which is why we have developed grip bands compatible with all of our prosthetic fingers.

Our grip bands are form fit for the distal, medial, and proximal sections of each of our products.

Each grip band is molded out of a high density silicon, which prevents slippage when the digits are involved in a grasp.

Heavy Duty Fingertip Pads
Grip Band 1

As the only wear part on our prosthetic fingers, Point Designs has committed to providing all fingertip pads and grip bands for free for the lifetime of the prosthesis.

We also offer a 12-month limited warranty which covers defects in material, workmanship, etc.