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5 Reasons Why I Joined Point Designs

1. I feel valued at Point Designs and I feel that my work has an impact on the direction of the company.

Over the past six months, I have worked through the onboarding process for the Venture For America fellowship. Part of that process was to actively search for the perfect job opportunity among hundreds of options at a variety of different startups. I considered the perfect job for me to be the one where I would be able to add value from day one, and I wasn’t always sure whether or not I would find that position. When I came across the opportunity at Point Designs, I knew that it was the right fit. At Point Designs, I’m part of a small, growing team of amazing people who are all genuinely excited about what they’re doing. They all want to see every project through to the end, and they want to ensure every person who works at the company has a say in the decision-making process

5 Reasons Why I Joined Point Designs
Image of Venture For America Logo

 2. It is a place where I believe that I can grow and pursue my passions.

When I was a student at North Carolina State University, I realized I could best help my community outside of the classroom by physically making something to help others. I realized that I could do this through 3D printing. A friend and I used the resources we had to start a chapter of a nonprofit called The Helping Hand Project (HHP), which focuses on providing custom 3D printed recreational prosthetic devices for children with upper limb differences. Through HHP I learned valuable leadership, teamwork, and technical skills, all skills that will help me be successful at Point Designs Through HHP, I became passionate about 3D printing and medical devices, especially those that are low-cost. At Point Designs, I feel supported in pursuing these passions, I feel like my opinions are valued, and I know that I have an impact on the direction of the company.

5 Reasons Why I Joined Point Designs
Image of recreational prosthetic devices made by The NC State Helping Hand Project.

3. The whole Point Designs team is welcoming, and each and every one of them is passionate and driven in their own unique ways

As soon as I joined Point Designs, I felt like I was valued and that the other team members cared both about who I am and what I felt I could contribute to the company. I feel as if I am part of a team that is very self-driven and dedicated to each other's success. I cannot overstate how excited I am to be part of a validating, motivated team that is working towards the same goals that I am. 

Image of four Point Designs Point Digits on Patient Hand Socket
Image of four Point Designs Point Digits on Patient Hand Socket

4. The tech is cool. 

I. Love. 3D Printing.

To me, additive manufacturing is an elegant solution that builds on simple principles. Material is deposited layer-by-layer to build a 3D structure that resembles what was designed on a computer. Before Point Designs, I had experience with both Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printers, and was excited to learn about a company that not only relied on SLS printing to manufacture the components for its products, but whose products were intended for the same audience that I started HHP to serve. 

Image of four Point Designs Point Digits on Patient Hand Socket
Image of SLS 3D Printer Build Plate

5. I feel confident about the future of the company 

Choosing to work with startups may often seem like a gamble, and sometimes it can be. For a startup to be successful, it needs to be composed of people that care about its success. It needs to have team members that see the value in the products they are working on, and who genuinely believe in the mission of the company. Mostly, for a startup to be successful, it needs to fill a need in the market that is currently not addressed. For those with a partial hand amputation or upper limb loss, there are few options for durable, reliable prostheses that are designed to perform in tough situations without any drama. Understanding that, and understanding the value of simplicity in design, has given me confidence that Point Designs will continue to succeed and will continue to push the boundaries of how prosthetics are manufactured. I am genuinely excited to come to work every day, and I look forward to my future at the company.


Image of four Point Designs
Griffin Drye
Griffin Drye