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Patient's and clinicians are "thrilled with the fit and function" of their prosthetic devices fabricated by Point Designs

Fabrication Office Location : 596 W 750 S Suite 110, Bountiful, UT 84010 

Point Designs' fabrication services are designed to meet the needs of any clinician interested in fitting their patient with a prosthesis from Point Designs. These include the Point Digit, Point Digit mini, Point Partial, and Point Thumb

Point Designs' fabrication results in an integrated prosthesis, comprised of  custom rolled silicone and 3D printed nylon, upon which our titanium prosthetic fingers can be mounted. The resulting prosthesis is one that is designed to be as heavy-duty and as functional as possible, while enabling the user to take advantage of the strengths of their Point Designs prosthetic fingers. 


If you are interested in Point Designs' prosthetic fingers and our fabrication services, please indicate this in your message when you submit our contact us form

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Our fabrication process involves many different steps and is summarized in the flowchart below. As each case is unique, the time to delivery can vary by customer. Therefore, the fabrication process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. 

Fabrication Workflow-1

With Point Designs' fabrication services, patient and clinician are able to customize their prosthesis in almost any way. With our in house silicone workshop, we are able to create most color and color variations for the silicone liner. 

We are also able to customize the surface characteristics of the nylon outer shell, which can host a number of surface geometries, including text. 

Fabrication Demo 3-1

Point Designs' fabrication service products come with a 12-month limited warranty (effective on date of device delivery) which covers defects in material and/or workmanship.